Healing Camp is a worship community for people with disabilities.
“Psalm the Lord forever” Like the words of Psalm 89:52, it is a prayer community that prays that the heavy burdens they carry when they praise, learn, and fellowship together in God’s love will change and become a great honor to give back to God. In addition, the department is proud of the passion of the dedicated teachers who look after the members of the department with their eyes and take care of them so that they do not have any discomfort.
It is also a department that proves that feeling, learning, and conveying the love of Jesus has nothing to do with being sick, and it is also a department with a stickiness that grows together by belonging for a long time unlike other education departments whose departments change as they are promoted.

Worship Guide

Worship Worship time Place of worship
Sunday worship 11:00am-12:30pm shroud


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