Soccer mission

Football missions are a medium that attracts not only the children of a country, but also the public, and can give dreams and hopes to the children who watch the game against the soccer teams who believe in Jesus and the teams representing that country, and increase their pride in trusting in Jesus. It is a ministry.

In order to give dreams and hopes to children who have not heard the Gospel, soccer teams who believe in Jesus visit Nicaragua in Central America from June 20 to July 4 with the 2011 Hallelujah Professional Soccer Team (Director: Lee Young-moo). The Gospel was preached to about 110,000 people in five stadiums in four countries, including El Salvadol, Guatemala, and Honduras, and was delivered to at least 9.5 million people through TV broadcasts in Central America.

In 2013, with 22 members of the Goyang Heights team (Director Young-moo Lee), about 200 mission teams for 32 days from January 14 to February 15 were held in 9 stadiums in 4 countries in Honduras, Columbia, Venezuela, and Elcuador. The Gospel was preached to 100 million people through TV broadcasts to 10,000 people.

The 3rd round was from January 18 to February 18, 2014, for 30 days in 7 cities in Venezuela, where capitalism was liquidated and the doors of mission were gradually closed due to the transition to socialism, and 40 veterans during the Korean War. In Cucuta, Colombia, the city that produced the world, about 300 missions teams and 30 Goyang Heights professional soccer teams (Director Young-moo Lee) were re-sent to the spiritual army and toured a total of 8 major cities. The Gospel was preached to more than 20 million people through the media.

The 4th was the first football mission history in Africa from July 1 to 8, 2017. The Gospel was preached to many people as it was held in hot heat at three stadiums in Zanziba and Tanzania.

The 5th was held in Kekshiko from July 14 to 21, 2018. Starting with 27,000 people participating in the Pachu Stadium in Mexico, 5,000 people in Nuevo Cimaruakan and 4,500 people in Polytechnico participated, and the Gospel was preached to 40,000 people.