What kind of work is the musical’His Life’?

This work depicts the familiar story of the entire life of Jesus Christ from birth to resurrection and ascension in a contemporary sense of Christian pop musical art. For about 13 years until the season, a total of 39 million people watched, and also won Grand Prix for 5 consecutive years, including’Best Production of the Year’ and’Best Male Artist’ at the’The Dove Award’ of the American Gospel Music Association. Despite its Christian content, it is a work that has been recognized for its workmanship and artistry so that it has performed twice in Moscow, Russia. In addition, the New York Times praised this work as an effective missionary strategy in the postmodern era, with the artistry of the work comparable to that of the Las Vegas show.

Until this work came to New York

The world-renowned musical’Hiz Life’ entered New York, a city of world-class culture. Pastor Nam Soo’s passion and patience played a decisive role. Around 1996, Pastor Kim visited Branson, a resort city in Missouri, with several denomination pastors, and saw this work for the first time. It is said that he came only gazing out of the window while cherishing. Pastor Kim, who directly felt the power of the musical at this time, said,’Why aren’t these religious musicals in New York? I’d like to bring this work to New York once.’ They didn’t give up and prayed, and about 7 years later, they said that one day they got a phone call from them. They had to move somewhere because their concert contract in Missouri was about to end, and the thought of a Korean pastor from New York who had been trying to meet them long ago came to mind. After that, the story went wild, and with Pastor Kim’s introduction, the Korean premiere was held at the Jamsil Olympic Stadium in April 2004, and the first concert in New York was held at the New Sanctuary of Promise Church in New York during the Easter season of 2005. At that time, although only the second part, covering from the Passion of Christ to the Resurrection and Ascension, was uploaded, 7,000 people attended 7 performances in total for 4 days, and during the Christmas season of the same year, all works of the 1st and 2nd parts were successfully performed. There is a bar. After that, the work was visited by over 5,000 people twice in January and December 2010 at the Atlanta Promise Church (formerly Antioch Church) in Georgia, and in 2012, the Apollo Theater, one of the most famous places in Harlem, New York. We also performed four performances in two days for children in Harlem who are about to start school in the fall semester.

The musical is for domestic and foreign missions
As an effective tool

As the musical gained the limelight as an effective means of mission to the 4/14 Windows generation, in 2011, for the first time outside of the United States and Korea, in Ethiopia and Tanzania, Africa, for the first time, about 100,000 children shed the light of the Gospel. It. The following year, in June 2012, the Spanish version was performed for the first time in San Salvadol, the capital of El Salvador, in Central America. I was once again convinced that the power of the Gospel contained in is transcending language and nation. Thanks to this achievement, in February 2014, when the Spanish version was performed in Cucuta, the border city of Colombia in South America, about 35,000 children and teenagers held their breath for two hours through five performances over three days. I was immersed in the work. From August 15th to 17th of the same year, it first entered China, and 25,000 people attended two performances. Until then, about 18,000 audiences were mobilized during a total of 6 performances at KBS Hall in Busan. From July 15th to 19th, 2015, they performed in Singapore for 5 days, and over 40,000 people watched. From April 12th to 16th, 2017, the first concert was successfully completed in Zaragoza, Spain, Europe. From July 11 to 15, 2018, during a total of 5 performances in Kenya, Africa, a total of 17,000 people watched, 891 children and 200 adults were saved.